At Dehghani Law, P.A. we are committed to offering our clients the upmost professional and dedicated representation.


Our Work.
Your Success.


At Dehghani Law, P.A. we are committed to offering our clients the upmost professional and dedicated representation.


Our Work.
Your Success.


At Dehghani Law, P.A. we are committed to offering our clients the upmost professional and dedicated representation.


“Great Attorney, an Honest to God Miracle Worker”
– Jannet M.


At Dehghani Law, P.A. we are committed to offering our clients the upmost professional and dedicated representation.


When it Matters Most


At Dehghani Law, P.A. we are committed to offering our clients the upmost professional and dedicated representation.


Our Work.
Your Success.


At Dehghani Law, P.A. we are committed to offering our clients the upmost professional and dedicated representation.

Our Work.
Your Success

Miami Civil Litigation

Dehghani Law, P.A. provides comprehensive legal representation and services to individuals as well as companies in a variety of settings. Our focus is to provide professional and personal attention at the highest level to each and every client. Our firm has an experienced and diverse practice catering to legal needs throughout the state of Florida.

Miami Commercial Litigation

We have consistently strived to maintain a law firm founded on integrity, service, and unwavering advocacy. Our firm understands that the legal issues affecting individuals and companies today are rarely cut and dry. Often, these issues involve more than one area of the law, thus requiring the services of diverse and flexible law firm with a rare personal touch. Please click on “Areas of Practice” and learn more about our diverse practice.


Business fraud is, very simply, fraud in any business activity that resorts to deceitful practices to cause economic injury. Early intervention may prevent civil matters from being escalated to criminal charges.

Asset Protection

As a business owner, you are fraught with concerns more than operating the business and making a profit; but also with lawsuits and the potential to lose your hard earned assets.

Commercial Litigation

Whether you are concerned about enforcing an agreement or need defending in a suit filed against you, we are ready to aggressively protect your interests in a variety of commercial litigation matters.

Personal Injury

Florida law protects accident victims, and allows them to recover money for their injuries. Dehghani Law’ goal is to ensure that its clients receive adequate financial compensation to account for the cost of their injuries.

Breach of Contract

A contract is a legally enforceable agreement between two parties. If one party fails to act as promised, and the other party has fulfilled their own duties under the contract, the other party is entitled to legal relief.

Appellate Litigation

Appellate litigation is a unique practice within the litigation process oftentimes requiring attorneys to employ a scholarly treatment of complex legal issues. Our attorneys prosecute and defend interlocutory and final judgment appeals

Business Litigation

Whether you are planning to start a business, or you are expanding your business in Florida, an experienced and knowledgeable business law attorney can help expedite the process and ensure your success.

Practice Areas

Foreclosure Defense Miami

Foreclosures and the concept of “underwater mortgages” have been an unfortunate reality in Florida for some time But that reality an epidemic.

Workers Compensation

At Dehghani Law, P.A., we understand that filing a workers’ compensation claim can be overwhelming for an employee who was injured on the job.

Commerical Litigation

We represent and advise clients who are or might become involved in a lawsuit or appeal as a result of a dispute, including prevention and settlement.

Property Insurance Claims

At Dehghani Law, P.A. we work at professionally negotiating with insurance companies for the best possible outcome. We make sure your insurance claims.


Dehghani Law, P.A. is a law firm dedicated to your traffic citation needs. From traffic criminal tickets, such as DUI (Driving Under the Influence) to ordinary traffic.

Debt Collection

A portion of our practice focuses on debt collection, mainly representing the interests of creditors. We handle both commercial and retail claims.

Personal Injury

If you are involved in an automobile accident or collision, you may be entitled to recovery of damages by a negligent party’s insurance company .


Dehghani Law, P.A. offers a broad range of immigration services to individuals and companies. Alex Dehghani, Esq. a Miami Immigration Attorney, has defended.

Get Affordable Financing Today!

Often times we have clients with worthy cases who are facing a difficult financial time, for the very same reason they are seeking to hire our firm in the first place. This is why we now offer financing options to the payment of legal services. Please be advised that neither Dehghani Law P.A or its affiliates are associated or affiliated in any way with any of the lenders made available through this offering. Dehghani Law P.A

Meet Us

Alex Dehghani, Esq



Founder. Managing Shareholder

Alex Dehghani is the managing shareholder of Dehghani Law. He has extensive civil litigation experience…


"I was recommended Dehghani Law PA and Alex Dehghani from a colleague of mine who had a great experience with them. I didn't believe he would take my case because I lived in Orlando, Florida and the case would involve numerous commutes from Dehghani Law, PA main office in Miami, Florida. Not only did they take my case, but were able to convince our judge to conduct many of our hearings via telephone, with the exception of the trial, which Mr. Alex Dehghani flew in for, and won on the second day. His experience and knowledge made me feel confident and better about the whole experience of litigation - which is not a fun one. If you find yourself in such a situation, do yourself a favor and talk to him and the team at Dehghani Law PA, you will quickly understand why they are worth retaining for your legal needs."
Rob M. April 17, 2010
"Amazing attorney. I reached out and retained Dehghani Law, PA at the last minute on an emergency and Dehghani was somehow able to secure a desperately needed judicial order in record time. We needed a miracle in 5 days and he made it happen in 2. The other lawyers I had called said it couldn’t be done that fast. I highly recommend Alex Dehghani and Dehghani Law, PA – for me and my family – there is nobody else."
Eddy P. On April 9, 2019
"My husband and I hired Dehghani Law PA and Alex Dehghani and we couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. The team at Dehghani Law PA are great and Mr. Dehghani is HONEST a trait hard to find, he tells you how it is, the bad, the good, the ugly. He works hard and he answers his phone. He not only is your legal representation, he becomes a friend. If I could give him 10 Stars I would. I will continue to refer Alex to friends and family, and if your looking for an attorney look no further, you’ve found one."
Jennifer R. August 10, 2018
"Dehghani Law PA and Alex Dehghani, as my attorney was very accommodating during my case and has great knowledge in real estate law and litigation. Alex Dehghani and Dehghani Law PA was always available when I needed him and closed my case faster than expected. I was every satisfied with the results."
Philippe N. October 13, 2018
"I was referred by another lawyer to Mr Dehghani when I needed assistance with a legal matter involving my business. He was professional from our first call and offered me a few options on how to handle my issue. He made sure I was comfortable with the plan before moving forward and clearly explained all the fees. He made sure to follow up even if there were no current updates, just to keep me in the loop, which I appreciated. The best part is that my reason for needing his services has since been resolved thanks to him and his legal team at Dehghani Law PA! THANK YOU!"
Fatima L. December 20, 2018.
"We were being retroactively charged investment property taxes on one of our properties by our local taxing agency. Dehghani Law was able to somehow resolve my situation surprisingly quickly and I was spared the financial calamity that I was facing. Dehghani Law PA and Alex Dehghani is a very resourceful and knowledgeable lawyer at a time I needed his services and made sense of a lot complications. I am forever grateful that he was able to clear my debt. His level of knowledge, professionalism, and resourcefulness is definitely one that will make him the permanent attorney I use for all future cases. I have endorsed him to all my friends and family and will always do so."
Mily G. July 18, 2018
"I retained Dehghani Law PA on a sensitive matter that had to be resolved at a jury trial. Alex Dehghani was a sight to see during closing arguments and the jury didn't take long to return a verdict in our favor. I recall feeling good about how things were going to go when I heard observing lawyers in the seats behind us complimenting our jury selection and my attorneys questions. Although I knew from our first meeting that I could trust his capabilities, he exceeded my expectations both in competency and professionalism. In spite of his busy schedule, Dehghani Law PA and Alex Dehghani were always available to answer my questions during a very stressful time in my life. I would highly recommend Dehghani Law PA to ANYONE in need of a true professional who takes pride in what they do."
Jerry R. December 8, 2014
"My ex had dragged me into court on false allegations to ruin my finances, my career and my reputation. Most attorneys I consulted with advised me that 'it was what it was' and advised that there wasn't much that could be done. At Dehghani Law, Mr. Dehghani, saw something in my case the others didn't. I had my doubts, but he was right all along. We took it to trial, and won it all. Had I gone with someone else, I wouldn't have gone the distance and would have settled out of fear. I can't say enough good things about Dehghani Law, PA- they are professional, dedicated, aggressive and most of all - they return your phone calls!"
Ruben G. July 9, 2016

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